Granny 2020

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We raised grapes in Finland. Outdoors. Against all odds, we got a batch of small and sweet grapes. Unfortunately we have lost the origin of these grapevines, but the species might be Bianca.

Grapes were hand picked, washed, crushed and juiced all by hand. All in all we got only very little amount of juice, but every drop of it is precious.

The plan is to make two different editions out of this wine. Our plans might change still, and it depends lot on the amount and quality of the end product. We’ll know better in next few months.

Granny 2020

Our basic edition will be aged for 6 months in a cask like conditions, and 6 months is bottle. This is going to be drinkable at the end of 2021. If everything else fails, this is at least what we’ll produce.

Granny reserve 2020

Grand reserve, to be aged for a longer period. Current plan is to age in cask like condition for 2 years, and in bottle for 3 years, totalling 5 years. This edition would be drinkable earliest in 2025.


  • Style: Wine / Sparkling Wine
  • Alcohol: about 8.5% vol


  • Batch size: 5 liters
  • Brewed: 2020-09-23
  • Expected: 2021/2025